Sandra Nowicki – “Images of animals, especially horses, are the focus of my art. I love to express the energy of animals in dynamic compositions. Capturing the personality of a companion animal or a wild animal is also very important to me.”

Artist’s Statement by Sandra Nowicki

I enjoy creating art using a variety of artistic materials. I design, and paint by hand, beautiful, brightly colored silk scarves with portraits of horses, dogs, and cats. I paint scarves in several sizes as well as a square shaped scarf. I also paint silk wall hangings of animal portraits suitable for framing. My hand painted silk scarves are very fashionable and all the designs are one of a kind originals.

The rich textures of wool fiber inspire me to create three dimensional sculptures of horses, sheep, and goats. I have even made sculptures of pets using their own hair from grooming. The sizes of these fiber sculptures is from eight inches to twenty-four inches in height. These sculptures have a presence that really stands out in an exhibition.

I use clay to sculpt animals in energetic poses. I want the animal to look as if it is moving. White porcelain and brown textured clays are my favorite high fire types of clay. They are the perfect material for carving textures and patterns on animals like stripes on a tiger or fur on a polar bear.

My mixed media collages are imaginative interpretations of animal and nature themes. I use my own handmade papers and combine them with my watercolor paintings, drawing, prints, and found objects. The result is a richly textured and interesting artwork with lots of surprising detail.
Drawing and painting in pencil, pastel, watercolor, gouache, acrylics, and oil are all mediums that combine all my artistic skills and fuel my artistic ideas and inspirations.

Sandra Nowicki can be contacted at Pegasus Studios