“People who had moved away and who had forgotten how much they loved the lake would tell me stories about how much they miss it,”

Margaret Heller grew up in Kenosha and left after college traveling and living on the East Coast, the West Coast, the midwest (Iowa), Mexico, and Turkey. She returned to Kenosha after 40 years and is restoring an old home in Kenosha. She says:

“There is nothing like Lake Michigan. It is 1,100 cubic miles of fresh water that can change color and texture within moments. It continually awes me, especially in the winter months when the real drama begins. I wanted to take a photo a daily as a meditation to document all of its moods. Little did I know that the microburst of 6/30/11 would change the landscape permanently. I think I was able to get some of the last photos of the cotton woods and large trees at Southport Park before they were literally sucked out of the ground and laid down like match sticks.”