David E. Dallison at the Good Old Summertime Art Fair…

Over the last 25 years, I have explored and painted the people and landscapes of diverse cultures, such as Italy, Turkey, Viet Nam, France, Russia, Ireland, England, Spain, The Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Japan, Cambodia, etc. Encountering exotic locales and diverse cultures through painting has allowed me to observe what is shared and common to much of humanity. Despite our cultural and political differences and no matter where we call home and what language we speak, we are united by our partnership with nature. These paintings tell the story of my travels and are a celebration of this earth and the places, events, and people that particularly inspire me.

David E. Dallison will be demonstrating watercolor painting at the Good Old Summertime Art Fair.


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