Brian Pier

My paintings are about the changing light and the way that it plays on the natural beauty that surrounds me

Brian Pier, a Wisconsin native was born in 1953 in the town of Kenosha Wisconsin. Brian began painting at an early age and immediately knew that his true purpose in life was to be an artist. At the age of 18 he left home and traveled throughout the U.S., constantly studying and painting the people and landscape around him, finally returning to Wisconsin five years later. Brian’s career took a different path and he worked in the construction industry continuing to paint whenever he had the opportunity. Throughout, art has remained an essential part of his life, and in 2008 he picked up his brushes full time. To his amazement Brian discovered that he could observe, understand and depict life through his paintings in ways he never had before.

I am primarily self taught, but am strongly influenced by many of the 19th and early 20th century masters. I study and paint every day, working only in oil and use a limited palette. My passion is painting plein air and I continually find drama in the landscapes and people that I paint.

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